Climate Change Strategy

Rugby Borough Council has published a Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan for the borough of Rugby. Below you will see our Net Zero vision, an introduction to the strategy and its seven themes, an outline of our approach and details of how you can support the outcomes of the Climate Change Strategy.

The cross-party working group on Climate Change has worked with voluntary and community sector organisations to develop this draft strategy, and we are grateful for their continuing involvement.

Our Net Zero vision

"Rugby is an environmentally sustainable place where we work together to reduce and mitigate the effects of climate change, transitioning Rugby to a low carbon and nature positive placewhich is net zero."

Our Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan

This Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan sets out the approach and actions that Rugby Borough Council will need to take to meet our net zero by 2030 target.  It sets out how the council will respond to the climate emergency and will focus on seven themes in our action plan.

You can download the full strategy and action plan, or explore summaries of the seven themes below.

In delivering the Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, we will review our actions annually identifying the expected costs, ownership and performance indicators for monitoring.

Explore the seven themes

Workplaces and  the economy

Around 17 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions come from our businesses and industrial processes.
More on Workplaces and the economy


Transport accounts for 25 per cent of all carbon emissions in the borough of Rugby.
More on Transport

Homes and energy

Homes are responsible for around 14 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions, mostly from burning fossil fuels.
More on homes and energy


Adapting to climate change will require collaboration across the whole community.
More on adaptation

Waste, resources and the circular economy

Households in Rugby each produce an average of 870kg of household waste per year, 479kg of of which is residual waste. 
More on waste, resources and the circular economy

Natural environment

Land use and land management have an important impact on carbon balances, for example in soils and forests.
More on the natural environment

Climate and nature positive communities

Achieving the levels of change required to address the climate emergency is not possible without meaningful involvement of our residents and communities.
More on climate and nature positive communities

Our approach

Our strategy recognises that the Council has multiple roles in addressing the Climate Emergency and delivering net zero, which are:
a) Delivering change: Those factors within the council’s direct control, where the council can lead by example.
b) Enabling change: Those factors which the council can facilitate by working with others for example by using our policies and procurement practices.
c) Influencing change: Those factors outside of our control, where the council will seek to influence and support delivery through partnerships across the borough and engagement with central government.

Wheel showing delivering, enabling and influencing change

Your feedback

How can you support the Rugby Climate Strategy? Let us know using the link below.